How To Vandalize A Photo 101
Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 9:28PM

Whoever owned this photo took lessons from Attila the Hun and is excused from the beginner’s course – advance directly to the professional level!

First, I know things happen, I know this is only a snapshot, but let’s not be overly polite and just say there are no excuses for this (and don’t give me that threadbare tale about how the dog did it)!

Second, if you come across a badly damaged photo that you think is kind of neat and should be saved, and if tape is all you have to make repairs, please stick it on the back of the photo – NOT on the front! As my Mom would say, “Use your head for something besides growing hair!” (I did, and now I have very little).

Third, what’s with the holes? Okay, I really don’t want to know!

In spite of it’s deplorable condition, this was such a wonderful image – not technically, but for all the other reasons that make you look at a photo and grin. And because the car looks like something Daisy Duck drove! So I rescued this sadly abused child of the camera and gave it a decent home – and spent a few hours making it presentable.

The car is a 1912 Detroit Electric; Thomas Edison owned one in that year, too. The woman’s expression is an interesting one – as are her Wicked Witch of the West pointy shoes. Do you have a caption?


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