Nightmare On Main Street
Monday, November 16, 2009 at 7:11PM
Timebinder in CHILD PORTRAIT, WHAT THE ...!

I know it is a little early to be posting this sort of thing, but I thought it was imperative that I give all you good little girls and boys fair warning: if this is the Santa that is coming to your house, you can stop worrying about your behavior, tear up that wish list and save the postage – you’re wasting your time! If you have been bad it doesn't matter now.

This Santa doesn’t even have reindeer! Nope. His miserable, moth-eaten donkey has been dead for so long the hair is coming off in handfuls, and look at the tail (even the taxidermist responsible for the smirk on its face is probably expired and stuffed)!

Trusting little Evelyn, age four, doesn’t seem to realize she has been had by the department store! Whose idea was the donkey, anyway? Do you think maybe the regular Santa didn’t show up (can you blame him?) so someone dashed frantically into the alley behind the store, found this guy and offered him $15 to don the outfit and stand in for the day. You would have thought someone from the cosmetics counter could have done something! From the look on his face, you might guess this was already child #1426 just since the store opened at 10 and the sort of holiday spirit he has in mind isn’t in his heart!

I’m really sorry about this kiddies, but I thought you would want to know. And Happy Holidays!

I think this is early 1930s (talk about Depression!)

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