May We Help You?
Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 4:29PM
Timebinder in COMMERCE

The photographer of this small grocery store (turn of the century) chose to shoot into the bright doorway and window which made for extreme light flares and poorly exposed areas, so much so that it is surprising that anyone ordered the large cabinet print; it also required considerable editing to make a presentable image for this posting, but perhaps it was worthwhile.

The result was also an image that has low resolution, making it difficult to read most of the product labels, but being a food label collector, I recognize shredded wheat, Ralston Cereal, Puffed Rice, Scotch Brand Barley, Quaker's Hominy Grits, Baker's Coconut and Chocolate, Karo Syrup, baking powder, French's pepper, ginger and other spices, Better Butter, Elastic Starch, Domino Sugar and Choice Lawn Seed, just what you would expect. There are some fresh vegetables on the counter, some packaged pastries in the glass-topped display, enormous loaves of bread, candy, crackers, and a seed display; I do not see any tobacco products which often would have been available in such an establishment. You visited the butcher for your meat.

If one of the two men is the proprietor, which seems likely, then I would opt for the older gent by the rocker, not the dandy behind the counter (who blinked his eyes and necessitated some cosmetic surgery on my part). Stores like these had a few things you could browse and choose for yourself, but for the most part you asked, or read out your list, and the employees got your selections, packed them up for you and probably passed the time of day while they were doing it – you could have a seat in the rocker and visit. Surely there would be a ladder for reaching items on the higher shelves, but perhaps it is to our left out of view.

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